Should you buy amidst the peak time of a pandemic?

Uncertainty is certain in these times. Job security is subjective and this pandemic is one of those rare things that take us by surprise to remind us that uncertainty is certain.

If you’re gainfully employed (or self-employed) and your job is considered essential and have a credit score over 660 you’ll likely be one of the fortunate ones that breezes right through the mortgage approval process.

Yes, you should buy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Jake and his wife are able to qualify for their mortgage because they have a great track record for paying their bills on time, saving money, and living below their means. Jake and his wife are buying in a market and price range that is the most competitive. Pre-pandemic, they were competing with 8 or more other buyers and investors. Because of this pandemic they were able to find a house that met their family’s needs—there were only three buyers vying to be accepted by the seller and Jake won. Jake won because they had great credit and a great real estate agent who knows how to win.

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Should I buy real estate in a pandemic?

Salt Lake City Ranks Among Top Capitals

Salt Lake City ranked No. 8 of the Best State Capitals to live in, according to a study by The study compared all 50 capitals across four key dimensions: 1. Affordability, 2. Economic Well-Being, 3. Quality of Education and Health, and 4. Quality of Life. Salt Lake City got high marks for its low unemployment rate and having the most restaurants per capita. Austin, Texas, ranked No. 1 in the study. Trenton, N.J., came in last place.