About Darrell

darrell_catmull_pf_0059-450x700Darrell Catmull is the Principal Broker for Destiny Real Estate and a licensed education instructor who has been awarded the prestigious Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designation by the Council of Residential Specialists.  Realtors who receive the CRS Designation have completed advanced courses and have proven professional expertise in the field of residential real estate.  Less than three-percent of REALTORS in Utah, have earned the credential.  Darrell has earned the Ecosociate® designation, having successfully completed an award-winning informative training program on the energy and environmental issues that affect real estate transactions.  Darrell is now pursuing his Master Negotiation Expert credential.

His primary objective is to help clients buy and sell real estate and lease office space in Salt Lake County, Utah.  Darrell excels at helping people with Foreclosure prevention, Market Forecasting,  Residential Homes, New Construction, Luxury Homes, Office Leasing, Multi-family Investment, Residential Investment, and Short-Sale Education.   Prior to managing Destiny Real Estate, Darrell learned all aspects of the trade and developed his no-nonsense approach to real estate sales by working for 10 years as an agent with two large franchise companies.   Darrell thus brings to the Destiny Real Estate table over 24 years of real estate and financing experience.

One of Darrell’s strongest traits is his confidence.  He does his business openly, honestly and without guile focusing on the clients unique situation no matter how complex or challenging.  He relies on his creativity, tenacity and acute business sense to get the job done.  Darrell takes a sensible and logical approach to every real estate transaction he brokers.  And he’s good in the clutch: Darrell is the kind of team player you want with you on the field when it’s fourth down and twenty yards to go – he simply does not give up under the worst of circumstances.  Based on this fact alone, you’ll want him on your side.  And when you add that he is resourceful and a forward-thinker who often anticipates solutions before problems even occur, you can be certain you have made the right choice.  Darrell has an uncanny intuition and foresight that enable him to negotiate as few do.  He is one of the rare professionals in the real estate business who can balance assertiveness and control with understanding and kindness.  You see, Darrell is an Eagle Scout; he learned these values early and they’ve stuck with him.  Take a look at Darrell’s track record and view more online at http://bit.ly/reviewsofdarrell